Women in STEMM

This special event focused on the women career development, especially in STEMM disciplines.


It is widely acknowledged that STEMM careers are male dominated. Regardless of its historical origin or present cause, three brilliant female leaders in science and engineering and industry sector will talk about their career development, work-life balances and how-to build-up confidence, etc. from their personal experience.


After the talk, a panel discussion will be carried out followed by a Q&A session. And informal discussions with the leaders and peers will be carried out during the lunch-time section. To every women@STEMM who are questioning in their career choices in life as a whole and struggling at their early-stage career development, this event will build-up your confidence and empower yourselves. 

Prof. Polina Bayvel is the Head of the optical Networks Group, Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering UCL. Her research interests are in the area of optical communications and networks. She was one of the first to show the feasibility of using the wavelength domain for routing in optical networks, and designed wavelength-selective devices needed for their characterisation and implementation. Prof. Bayvel is a Fellow of the Royal Society and Royal Academy of Engineering. To recoginise her service to engineering, she was awarded Commander of the Order of the British Empire.

Prof. Claire Carmalt is specialist in thin film deposition and the head of department in Chemistry, UCL. She is the 18th HOD and the first woman appointed to the position Prof. Carmalt joint the department in 1997 as a Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellow and soon after became a Lecturer. She was promoted to Senior Lecturer in 2002, Reader in 2004 and Professor in 2009. She has been Head of Inorganic & Materials Chemistry Section in 2010 and Vice-Dean (Education) for the Mathematical & Physical Sciences Faculty in 2015.

Dr Elizabeth Adams is the founder and the CEO of Aquarius Population Health. She has travelled widely from a young age to pursue her love of medicine, science, and a challenge. This led her to Micronesia to study dengue outbreaks, Peru to analyse sexual health interventions, and across the UK to work on projects to benefit the National Health Service. She studied Psychology (University of Michigan, BS Hons), Epidemiology (Oxford University, MSc), and received her PhD from the London School of Hygiene andTropical Medicine on the cost-effectiveness of chlamydia screening in England, and her work on sexual health has influenced international policy. Her broad background gives her a global perspective on health.

This event is supported by the UCL Human Resources Organisational Development (HR OD) offices and promoted by the UCL Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) office.

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